Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay

Warm air then becomes trapped under colds. A number of large dams have been built to try and hold back the water but only limited success has resulted, and many stretches of river have been enclosed in reinforced levees. The type of crime does tend to vary according to the affluence of the district.

They even threaten withdrawing welfare payments after two years without work. Overall it seems as though the political will to make a difference is not there. Most people feel that they have little control over the occurrence of landslides, the majority of the responsibility falls on the city government and building companies.

The local governments in LA are have an assertive stance concerning the legislation of new buildings and developments. Landslides are particularly dangerous as they can destroy homes and developments at frightening speeds, due to the whole hillside collapsing.

More essays like this: The growth in population is putting increasing pressure on the limited water supplies. The pollution consists of nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and various other gases, brush fires can add even more pollution to the atmosphere. It has a yearly drought and closely associated problem with brush fires.

Various geological surveys funded by the government have shown that Los Angeles is situated on the Santa Monica Fault line and close to the San Andreas Fault.

Hazards Threatening the City of Los Angeles Essay Sample

A encompasses all of these landslide-causing effects, urbanisation probably being the most prominent. Crime is aggravated by the infamous strong gang culture found in L. Almost every year there is a hosepipe ban, most notably inwhich was the driest year in over a century.

Many public highways have also had to be strengthened or modified. The danger posed by these riots and the possible damage to property as in the Rodney King riots are also major hazards.

The LA public are somewhat indifferent towards earthquake risks. Catalytic convertors are mandatory on all cars, too.

These are especially severe during an El Nino event. HIV is also becoming more prevalent as it can remain undetected for years by which time many other people could become infected, There is no effective treatment and the death toll rises every year. The response of people is often to avoid the poorer areas.

The smog that occurs is a result of a combination of a number of factors. A careless spark from a cigarette or match, or an electrical storm can start a brush fire during the late summer when the vegetation is very dry.

The approach to the TB problem has been to vaccinate people where possible. The attitude of people living in Los Angeles is one of indifference to the threat and that it will not affect them in their lifetime. Again in Novemberover homes were destroyed once again in another brush fire.

All new high rise buildings are also now resistant. The structures have to be designed to withstand earthquakes in particular high-rise buildings. HIV is also more prevalent as it can remain unnoticed for many years, during which time many other people could become infected.

The response to the earthquake threat has been varied. Concerning TB, bad living conditions such as damp housing, makes people more susceptible to infection. Tsunamis can travel across and envelope whole oceans at tremendous speeds. Deforestation, brush fires and urbanisation have tended to exacerbate the problem by reducing interception and percolation and increasing surface run-off Houses and any other structures on the flood plains are at most risk and can be carried all the way out to sea in severe storms.

Los Angeles: An Area of Multiple Hazards Essay Sample

Get Access Los Angeles: TB is extremely infectious and is becoming more difficult to treat as is has developed resistance to antibiotics. The gas, water and electricity companies have put in place a number of high tech measures to try and reduce the damage to their supplies in an earthquake but these have been at quite some expense to the consumer.

Finally as with most large cities there is the hazard of sexually transmitted diseases STDs such as HIV and other infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis TB and influenza flu due to the high density of population.

Drought Due to such a high average annual temperature, L. They often link crime with drug trafficking and poverty, both of which are also human hazards.

The intense heat and extremely low humidity of the Santa Ana cause discomfort to humans and increase the dryness of the vegetation. Low density residential development in the hills has increased the fire risk, as they are built into the brush country, and many houses are destroyed every year by these fires.

When they return to Earth, they cause acid rain. The heavy rain can also cause problems with landslides.SAFETY ELEMENT OF THE LOS ANGELES CITY GENERAL PLAN City Plan Case No. Council File No.

Relates to Natural Hazards, Not Police Matters Replaces the Safety, Seismic Safety and life threatening situations and safety needs of the population; maintaining and reestablishing essen. Hazards Threatening the City of Los Angeles Essay Sample.

LA is built upon a mass of faults in the Earth’s crust. These include: the Santa Monica fault, the San Fernando fault, the Santa Barbara fault, and of course, the infamous San Andreas fault, which is a conservative plate boundary. It is the policy of the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department to maintain a safe and healthy work environment as is reasonably feasible for all employees.

Major earthquakes in the greater Los Angeles area or in the midwestern New Madrid Seismic Zone, which are only a matter of time, could generate thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries, and tens of billions of dollars in economic losses.

Essay Emergency Management The roles of information systems in emergency response system and how the individual would use it.

In emergency response management the basic network involves receiving information and then the mobilization of the necessary emergency services and first responders to the disaster area. Los Angeles is a large city with a population of over 13 million people.

It is situated in the U.S. state of California, on the western pacific coast of the United States. Los Angeles is well known for being earthquake prone.

Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay
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