Maneuver warfare business plan

Military units, from fire team to army, are not just bound together as a whole by regulations and statutory authority. He cited Frederick the Great as one of the major sources of his strategy.

While maneuver is the core idea, the principle of mass is of increased importance despite its near absence from Warfighting itself. They further camouflaged themselves by dropping their trademark black uniforms and wearing brown civilian clothing like the rebels.

As an organization, it behooves the Marine Corps to assess whether it is strategically fit for its environment, in this case the prosecution of maneuver warfare in the 21st century.

Liddell Hartwhich the British army failed to embrace and understand fully. This does not mean that our forces should always be concentrated. No matter what physical and mental forces assail the enemy, his morale and the moral cohesion of his unit will keep him in the fight unless it is shattered.

Myers goes on to write that maneuver warfare can evolve and that "maneuverist approach in campaign design and execution remains relevant and effective as a counter-insurgency strategy at the operational level in contemporary operations".

Out-maneuvering our opponents will increasingly require us to divorce the concept of maneuver from maneuver units. Furthermore, when faced with a maneuverable opponent capable of redeploying key forces quickly and discreetly or when tempered, the capacity of maneuver warfare strategies to deliver victory becomes more challenging.

Recent theorists[ edit ] Aside from Boyd, other recent military theorists of a non-firepower focus include H.

Applying the “Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare” to the Execution of a Cybersecurity Action Plan

Operationally, we sought their weak points, and where we found them, we penetrated them quickly, we moved deep into their rear area as quickly as we could, we bypassed their strength and left that behind to be handled by follow on forces.

Achieving a cohesive whole does not just require the acquisition of emerging and maturing capabilities, but also necessitates the development of concepts and doctrine that guides use and coordination as well as the training and education methods that support the concepts.

Every tactical act is beholden to the play of probability and can never be certain. As mentioned above, information warfare is of vital importance because of the Information Age environment in which the Marine Corps will operate. In the interwar period the British developed ideas for fully mechanized all-arms warfare with the Experimental Mechanized Force.

November,18— When the bonds of trust and loyalty within an organization are broken, it can no longer function as a whole. Increasingly, the main effort will be other means and will shift between means rapidly. How can the Marine Corps avoid the temptation to micromanage?

Some commonalites exist between blitzkrieg and the Soviet concept of " Deep Battle ", which the Soviets used to great effect in and continued to use as a doctrine through the Cold War.

Maneuver warfare

Despite the many changes in technology, geopolitics, and warfare in the intervening years, the theoretical principles clearly remain sound. Its character, how it is expressed in the real world, is never the same.

As long as the PME box is checked, it is assumed. Cyber warfare especially offers many opportunities for this, but even maneuver warfare business plan planned kinetic fires can play a part.

The results of this review were seen in the Franco-Prussian War. Many of these ideas were ahead of their time in terms of organizational theory and mechanics. Army has recently adopted it. For example, Lieutenant-Colonel S. There is no reason for the Marine Corps to stop dividing war into tactical, operational, and strategic levels, but the separation is not nearly as important as the convergence thereof.

Conclusion Maneuver warfare, as a warfighting philosophy, is fit and appropriate for the strategic environment. Both surface-delivered and aerial-delivered fires affect the enemy and facilitate maneuver, but emergent capabilities can also contribute in a fires-like manner.

While intelligence analysts may easily see through such methods, it allows China to extend its control over the region without triggering Western interference because the general public does not notice. Still, a few refinements are necessary to ensure a better strategic fit.Maneuver warfare, or manoeuvre warfare, is a military strategy that advocates attempting to defeat the enemy by incapacitating their decision-making through shock and disruption.

Applying the “Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare” to the Execution of a Cybersecurity Action Plan It’s time for a warfare approach to cybersecurity Our healthcare system is under attack by malicious interlopers who wish to inflict.

Applying the Principles of Maneuver Warfare. to. The Execution of a Cybersecurity Action Plan. The inspiration for this presentation came while attending the Information Security Media Group conference on healthcare infor\൭ation security last November.

Jun 13,  · This is the first time I read about the term "Maneuver Warfare" and thought it was a good thesis on how speed and intent is crucial to business success. " Maneuver warfare, as in business, as in battle, war.

Speed and intent is crucial to business success. Our contributor, Wannapreneur will translate the lessons of maneuver warfare from military and apply it to the business enterprise. Managed to read a portion of a Speech by Col. John Allen today. Maneuver warfare, a military strategy that has taken a prominent place in modern military thought, offers useful lessons to business executives, who face many of the same challenges as today’s military commanders.

Maneuver warfare business plan
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